Meetings are scheduled for specific Wednesdays  2:15 PM in room 203

Motto To Lead is to Serve

Executive Board Officers


James Cartier

Vice President

Meiko Harris-Sivells


Sarah Andreana


Lauren DiLollo


Lauren Raniszewski

Co Communication Directors

Lauren Bjelobrk

Grace Mansfield

Bonding Coordinator

Clare Duffy


Senior Class Officers

President – Mason Ludlow

Vice President – Rosie Shupe

Secretary – Emma Zambo

Treasurer – Melissa Skibinski

Junior Class Officers

President – JohnPaul Pierce

Vice President – Daniel Darno

Secretary – Gianna Caiazzo

Treasurer- Cade Santos

Sophomore Class Officers

President – Keegan Ramsey

Vice President – Sarah Zambo

Secretary – Emily Lessig

Treasurer – Hannah Lilly

Crusader Time Communication Representatives

Room 201       S. Ronca

Room 202       K. Koons

Room 203       C. Coulter

Room 204       A. Lessig

Room 205       T. Andreana

Room 206       L. Bower

Room 207       Z. Kraska

Room 208       A. Miner

Room 209       C. Cho

Room 210       S. Atileh

Room 211       I. Santos

Room 101       M. McLouth

Room 102       M. Burgio

Room 108       S. Miklus

Room 109       M. Campos

Room 110       G. Miles

Room 111       A. DiLollo

Room 1           M. Shields

Room 2           C. Campbell

Room 3           J. Smith

Room 9           J. Chinchar & M. Burgio

Room 10         M. Baldo

Room 11         O. Fettes

New Band Room        D. Tripp

Aquinas Rooms           Clare Ceraul (room 8 & 7)    R. Gubernot and Emma Irving (rooms 5 and old band room)

Learning Commons    M. Prudencio