Meetings are scheduled for specific Wednesdays  2:15 PM in room 203

Motto To Lead is to Serve

Executive Board Officers


John Paul Pierce

Vice President

Gianna Caiazzo


Isabella Santos


Cade Santos

Director of Communication

Katherine Koons

Jr. Director of Communication

Claire Ceraul

Directors of Partner School Relations (Bonding Events)

Jordan Smith and Zachary Kraska


Sandra Atileh and Adrian Periog

Senior Class Officers

President –  Daniel Darno

Vice President – Andrew Lessig

Secretary – Nathaniel Thomas

Treasurer – Ryan Horn

Junior Class Officers

President – Keegan Ramsey

Vice President – Sarah Zambo

Secretary – Emily Lessig

Treasurer- Hannah Lilly

Sophomore Class Officers

President – Rafqa Koorie

Vice President – Brianna Banaag

Secretary – Savina Steele

Treasurer – Lina Burgess

Crusader Time Communication Representatives

C. Coulter

A. Lessig

T. Andreana

L. Bower

A. Miner

M. McLouth

M. Burgio

G. Miles

A. DiLollo

M. Shields

C. Campbell

J. Chinchar

M. Baldo

O. Fettes

D. Tripp

E. Irving