Thank you for your interest in Notre Dame High School. Notre Dame accepts transfer students in grades 9-12. All students are required to follow the Formal Admissions Procedure.

Please note-completion of the application/registration form does not constitute registration and acceptance. All information requested below is necessary before applications will be reviewed and an admission decision will be rendered.

Application requirements and guidelines:

  • Notre Dame Application
  • Transcripts (unofficial)
  • Most recent Report Card
  • Attendance Record (current)
  • Disciplinary Records (most current)
  • Meeting with Director of Admissions and Principal
  • IEP if applicable
  • $150 Registration Fee

The law in Pennsylvania states that no student may officially be admitted to attend classes at any high school until the school has received the Transfer Student’s Health records.

Once the above has been received the Admissions Committee will review all of the information and make an admission decision. You will receive notice or the final decision within a week of receiving all of the requested information. If your child is admitted to Notre Dame HS you will need to complete the following steps:

    1. Withdrawal your child from their current school and request all official records be sent to Notre Dame High School.
    2. Schedule an appointment with the Assistant Principal to schedule classes.

A student interview is required for the admissions process for transfer students only. Partner school students (entering 9th grade) do NOT need to schedule an interview.