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Mrs. Vail keeps a list of scholarships for seniors and underclassmen in Naviance.  Click on the “Colleges” tab;  select “Scholarships & Money,” then click on “Scholarship List.”  Filtering by Diocesan/NDGP or Local will show you scholarships that are only available to Notre Dame students and/or the surrounding school districts.

Working papers/permits can be obtained by contacting the public school district in which you reside. Check the website of your local district for more information about their specific procedures.

Request a Peer Tutor

Midyear transcripts have been sent to all colleges through Common App. If you applied to a school using another application method and they are requesting midyear grades, please submit a midyear transcript request in Naviance.


What if you could be accepted to college without actually submitting an application? Well, now you can! Fill out your profile on and colleges will reach out to YOU with offers of admission.

How to:

How to Maximize Merit-Based Financial Aid

How to Choose the Best Recommenders to Support Your College Applications

Scholarship Resources:

Check out these free college application workshops from the University of Notre Dame.

The SAT and ACT are less important than you might think.

PSAT scores are now available. Here’s a video to help you understand your score report.

Naviance provides these resources for your college search:

  • Locate virtual events and access direct links to virtual tours
  •  Register for virtual events from Naviance instead of searching each college’s website
  •  See events from multiple colleges in one place to plan more efficiently
  •  Search for events by type and within a date range
  •  Access more comprehensive information on college profile pages, including links to virtual tours and test-optional policies

25 Scholarships for High School Juniors

Advice for Juniors on Sending Test Scores

Current College Students Share Advice for High School Juniors

PSAT scores are now available. Here’s a video to help you understand your score report.

Sophomore year is the perfect time to explore what careers you may be interested in after high school.

Naviance is an excellent resource for finding information about colleges and careers. You can find a list of programs held either virtually or on college campuses in your Naviance Student account under Colleges > Research Colleges > Enrichment Programs. These programs are great opportunities to experience a week in a college dorm, explore your career interests, and enhance your resume.

Your PSAT scores are now available. Watch this video for a better understanding of what your score means.

Welcome to your first year of high school!

The grades you earn this year can set the tone for the rest of your high school experience. When you apply to colleges as a senior, they will see the courses you took and the grades you earned as a freshman. Do your best, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

10 Tips for a Successful Freshman Year

It’s never too early to begin thinking about your college or career journey. You can start earning scholarships for college now by creating a Raise.Me profile! To date, our students have earned more than $794,000 in scholarships through Raise.Me! Learn how Raise.Me works.

We hope you have your best year yet!

Seniors are responsible for their college applications; please do not create any accounts for your child (e.g., Common App, College Board, or ACT accounts) or complete any parts of their college applications. Doing so can impede the process of submitting transcripts and recommendation letters to colleges through Naviance and may delay your child’s college applications.

If you are looking to help your child with their college search, there is a TV series that can help. It’s called The College Tour. Every episode tells the story of a new college through the voices of current students. You can stream it for free on their website:

How to Help Your Child if you Suspect They’re Being Bullied

Three Messages Parents of High School Students Need to Hear about College Admissions

The 1 Skill College Students Wish Their Parents Taught Them

The 6 Words About College That Disappoint Parents Most

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Paying for College

7 College Tips for Parents: Adjusting to Parenting an Adult

Information for College Admissions Counselors

We are accepting both in-person and virtual visits for the 2023-2024 school year. Please schedule through RepVisits.

5-Year Acceptance & Matriculation History