If you have any questions or would like to schedule a specific appointment time with your counselor, please email your counselor or stop in at the Guidance Office and speak with Mrs. Vail.

Working papers can be obtained through the school district in which you reside.

Mrs. Vail keeps an updated list of scholarships for seniors and underclassmen in Naviance.  Click on the “Colleges” tab;  select “Scholarships & Money,” then click on “Scholarship List.”  Filtering by Diocesan/NDGP or Local will show you scholarships that are only available to Notre Dame students and/or the surrounding school districts.

Need a little extra help in one of your classes? Click here to request a tutor.

Welcome to your final year of high school! Your school counselor will schedule an individual meeting with you within the first 2 months of the school year to discuss your college applications.

Everything you need to know about the college application process (including how to request transcripts and a timeline for your Senior year) can be found here: College Application Guide for Seniors 2020

Teacher Recommendation Request Form

Counselor Recommendation Request Form

Free webinars from CollegeWise can be very helpful as you navigate the college admissions process:

Click on the links above to register. The webinars are free, but seats are limited. And don’t worry—registrants can attend in real time or watch a recording later.

5 Ways to Avoid a Cringe-Worthy Essay

Scholarship Resources:

  • Naviance: Click Colleges > Scholarships and Money – Here you will find a National Scholarship Search as well as the Scholarship List, which can connect you with local scholarships.
  • GoingMerry
  • FastWeb
  • Cappex

The grades that you earn this year will be the most recent grades that colleges will see when you submit your applications next year, so do your best and don’t be afraid to ask for help. This is a great year to meet with college admissions counselors when they visit Notre Dame; keep an eye on the visit calendar on the left side of this page, and listen to the morning and afternoon announcements to hear which colleges will be visiting.

The Notre Dame High School College Planning Guide for Juniors

5 Things High School Juniors Can do to Jumpstart their College Journey

Sophomore year is the perfect time to begin exploring what careers you may be interested in after high school.

Naviance is an excellent resource for finding information about colleges and careers. You can find a list of summer programs held on college campuses in your Naviance Student account under Colleges > Research Colleges > Enrichment Programs. These programs are great opportunities to experience a week in a college dorm, explore your career interests, and enhance your resume.

Welcome to Notre Dame High School! We hope you have your best year yet!

The grades you earn this year can set the tone for the rest of your high school experience. When you apply to colleges as a senior, they will see the courses you took and the grades you earned as a freshman. Do your best, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

All freshmen will have an individual meeting with their school counselor in late Fall. If you need to see your counselor before this, stop by the Guidance Office and ask to schedule an appointment.

It’s never too early to begin thinking about your college or career journey. You can start earning scholarships for college now by creating a Raise.Me profile!

College Board Parent Guide to the College Application Process

College Board Parent Guide: Getting Your Child Ready for the SAT

5 Overlooked Ways to Pay for College

The 6 Words About College That Disappoint Parents Most

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Paying for College

Seniors are responsible for their college applications; please do not create any student accounts for your child or use your email address to create a Common App, College Board, or ACT account for your child. Doing so can impede the process of submitting transcripts and recommendation letters to colleges through Naviance and may delay your child’s college applications.

Information for College Admissions Counselors

If you are a college admissions representative who wishes to schedule a visit, you may do so through RepVisits. We permit visits year-round.

5-Year College Acceptance & Matriculation History