About Notre Dame Crusader Softball

  • Spring sport with opportunities to play at the junior high, junior varsity, and varsity level depending on number of participants and opportunities to compete with other schools.
  • Adheres to the Catholic values set forth by Notre Dame High school
  • Expectations include hard work and dedication on and off the field as a student-athlete
  • Plays in cooperation with Moravian Academy
  • Off-season workouts with coaching staff and strength/conditioning coach

Little Crusader Softball

  • Open to all girls in grades 7-9 from Notre Dame feeder schools
  • Plays as a junior high softball team in the Colonial League with a full schedule of games

Coach Fran Rowley

  • Varsity softball coach at Notre Dame since 2018
  • 22 years of varsity coaching experience in softball, basketball, and field hockey
  • Pediatric physical therapist by profession
  • Coaching philosophy includes the following:
  • providing a challenging and fair environment for high school athletes to learn and grow in the sport of softball
  • learn the fundamental skills of the game
  • compete to the best of our ability every day

For More Information

Please feel free to reach out to Coach Fran Rowley at frowley@ndcrusaders.org