Girls’ Soccer Mission Statement

Soccer is a vehicle through which we are able to discover that we are better, than our best. Our goal is to win, but the expectation is that we will do our best. Every member of our team will leave this program better than the year before and better prepared for the next stage of their life.


Our Standards

  1. We demonstrate respect for all people (teammates, classmates, coaches, athletic staff, officials, opponents, parents, teachers, etc.) through our actions and words. We speak up when others do not.
  2. We seek excellence in all areas, not just soccer.
  3. We put the team first and believe that there is no place for selfishness, arrogance, or envy.
  4. We choose to be positive.
  5. We do the right thing, for the right reason, all the time.
  6. We have complete control over our physical preparation and take responsibility for it.

For more information about NDGP Girls’ Soccer

Contact our Athletic Director Amy Rogers