Mission Statement

Notre Dame High School, Inc. Mission Statement Notre Dame is a co-educational Roman Catholic high school within the Diocese of Allentown. The administration, faculty, and staff, in partnership with the parents and community, are committed to enriching the spiritual, academic, cultural, social, and athletic development of each of our students. Through excellence in teaching and behavior that models Christ-centered values, our students will experience personal growth in a caring environment that nurtures brotherhood, compassion for others, respect for life, self-sacrifice, good citizenship, and the power of faith.

Belief Statement

We believe that:

  • The Blessed Mother inspires and guides our faith journey.
  • Faith development is spurred by attitude and spread by actions.
  • Human life is sacred at every level of existence.
  • Every child is a unique gift formed in God’s image.
  • Every person regardless of race, color or creed deserves to be loved and respected.
  • Positive attitudes cultivate a healthy working environment.
  • A diverse Catholic school community is a gift to be celebrated.
  • A safe environment nurtures personal development.
  • An academic curriculum, enhanced by extra- and co-curricular activities, stimulates intellectual growth.
  • A Catholic education is every child’s right.
  • Learning is a cooperative effort.
  • All students’ reach should exceed their grasp.
  • We are accountable for our actions