Gene Wakeman

Science Faculty, Boys Tennis Coach
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Gene Wakeman majored in Physics and Math earning a Bachelors of Science from Houghton College.  He also conducted graduate studies in Dielectric Physics at Rutgers University and Science Education at NJ College and Wilkes University.

He started his career teaching all the sciences and some math at Central Jersey Christian High School in Asbury Park, NJ.  After 9 years of teaching, finding himself married, starting a family, and needing a greater income he changed careers to industrial research.  He spent the next 23 years as a research scientist for Union Carbide and Minerals Technologies (Pfizer).  After losing his wife of 22 years to breast cancer, he remarried to a teacher and went back into teaching at Lehigh Valley Christian High School (3 years), Wm. Allen High School (4 years), and finally Notre Dame.

He has three children and his wife has three. Between them, they have 12 grandchildren, 10 of whom live in the area, which keeps them both very busy.  He is an Elder (20 years) at New Covenant Community Christian Church (NC4) where they are both very involved.  Other interests include Bible study, golf, tennis, and shooting.

At Notre Dame he teaches AP Physics, Honors Physics, CP Physics, and Physical Science for the last six years. He also coaches boys tennis.

When asked about how he feels about teaching at Notre Dame, he consistently responds that it is the great students which make every day of teaching so special.


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