Luck of a Crusader Ticket Drawing Winners

Luck of a Crusader Drawing Winners

  1. Pat Boyle, Allentown
  2. Betsy Webb, Tulsa
  3. Erin Griffith, Hellertown
  4. Michele Fedorov, Allentown
  5. Chris Simonetta, Easton
  6. Lisa Lagomarsino, Easton
  7. Pat Boyle, Allentown
  8. Pat Boyle, Easton
  9. Luisa Alzate, Saylorsburg
  10. Stan Stawicki, Bethlehem
  11. Bob Deacon, Bethlehem
  12. Tim Cooper, Northampton
  13. John O’Neill, Mt. Laurel
  14. Michele Fedorov, Allentown
  15. Patrick Bassil, Easton
  16. Lisa Boyle, Allentown
  17. Janis D’Avella, Easton
  18. Ross Rich, Bethlehem
  19. Maggie Gillespie, Easton
  20. Lisa Lagomarsino, Easton
  21. Bob Reilly, Morganville
  22. Harry Dolla, Easton
  23. Lucia Picaro, Stewartsville
  24. Hollie Kothstein, Easton
  25. Brian Gillespie, Easton
  26. Sandy Calon, Bethlehem
  27. Pat Boyle, Allentown
  28. Regina Lopez, Easton
  29. Jason Singley, Easton
  30. Pam Gagnon, Bethlehem
  31. Scott Bazzett, Bath
  32. Pat Boyle, Allentown
  33. Linda Stangl, Nazareth
  34. Jim Ludlow, Easton
  35. Mike Medei, Bethlehem
  36. Joseph Karam, Easton
  37. Mike Chromey, Bath
  38. John Pohl, Bethlehem
  39. Jan Sidoro, Bethlehem
  40. Woodward Carson, Bethlehem
  41. Christine Skibinski, Upper Black Eddy
  42. Norma Bassil, Easton

The drawing was held at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 16th, 2021.

Remaining Drawings

  • Spring is in the Air (3/17/21-5/4/21)

The deadline to turn in tickets for each of the above drawings is the Monday prior to the end drawing date. The Main Office is open from 7:30 am – 3 pm to drop off or pick up any remaining tickets.

Questions? Please email Cindy Mackiewicz, Student Fundraising Coordinator, at

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