It’s A Wonderful Life Cast List


GEORGE BAILEY (the Everyman of Bedford Falls) Sam Durigon
CLARA (AKA CLARENCE) ODBODY (A-S-2 Angel Second Class) Harper Hogan
MRS. GOWER (proprietor of the corner drug store) Katelyn Schweitzer
YOUNG GEORGE (age 12) Adam Schweitzer
HARRY BAILEY (George’s younger brother) Preston Fleissner
MOTHER BAILEY (George’s Mother) Sierra Irving
AUNT TILLY (Uncle Billy’s Wife) Nathalia Ulsh
VIOLET PETERSON (flirty proprietor of a beauty salon) Evie Carlin
BERTHA (AKA BERT) (a patrolwoman/man) Nexxy Van Note
ELLIE (AKA ERNIE) (a mail carrier) Grace Mansfield
UNCLE BILLY (George’s uncle and business partner) Jayson Gunkle
MARY HATCH (later Mary Bailey – George’s loving wife) Kiley King
HENRY F. POTTER (owns practically the entire town) David Stangl
MR. POTTER’S GOON D’Angelo Urquiza
MR. POTTER’S SECRETARY Catherine Mahoney
MRS. HATCH (Mary’s Mother) Grace Boburka
SAM WAINWRIGHT (a financially successful young man) Jason Sine
MISS ANDREWS (a townsperson) Sofia Ulsh
MRS. THOMPSON (a townsperson) Jalyne Redding
MR. MARTINI (bar owner) Nate Urquiza
MRS. MARTINI (his wife) Bella Hamilton
MISS CARTER (bank examiner) Nicole Cavaliere
NEWSPAPER BOY Adam Schweitzer
PETE BAILEY Adam Schweitzer
TOMMY BAILEY DS (feeder school student)
ZUZU BAILEY Angela Salamone
MS. WELCH (schoolteacher) Sheila Miller
JANIE BAILEY CL (feeder school student)
ENSEMBLE Gwendolyn Guo, Caitlin Maslonka, Luella Caccese,
Christine Cho, Samantha Misczenski, Isabella Ulsh
Amanda Strand