Assignment #4  Either Or Drawing.

Welcome back gang and thank you for all the Magic! You guys were awesome again and I smiled, laughed, cowered, and cried (don’t tell anyone!) over your Magical works this past round. I asked for something to help get me through quarantine and you guys brought it. Thanks.

Since working on something less constrained and more fantastic seems to have been a big hit, you may be happy to hear that I’m gonna try and stay that course. for our fourth project I’m gonna give you two choices (hence the either or title) to work with and both reside within the realm of the fantastic. Choice #1…   draw for me your all time favorite cartoon character. And for those of you hardcore Art guys and gals Choice #2…  draw for me a dragon! Obviously choice #2 is a bit more challenging, but seeing the work that’s been turned in so far, I’m willing to bet there will be more than a few people willing to accept this challenge…   🙂

BONUS! Extra credit if you draw Trogdor for me because your all time favorite cartoon character just so happens to be A DRAGON man. Ha!

Drawings are Due by Midnight Friday May 29th.

I hope you guys are well and I hope you have some fun with this project. Not much left after this folks so enjoy it while it lasts. Sr’s I miss “all y’alls” and hope somehow graduation manages to come together perfectly so we can all end our four years together at least in spirit. I know that Mr.D, the committee and your class mates are all working very hard to make it a reality, Some day we’ll all look back on this and just say Wow!

Peace folks. Be well.


PS: Please don’t forget to put your Art class in the subject line on your email. Thanks!


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