Homecoming Court 2021

Congratulations to the following students who were selected by their peers for this year’s Homecoming Court








Ms. Caitlyn Stackhouse & Mr. Josh Hoffert

Ms. Raegan Cooper & Mr. Leo McMenimen








Ms. Alexendria Nehme & Mr. Brendan Boyle








Ms. Serena Azzalina & Mr. Antonio Caiazzo








Ms. Grace Perna & Mr. Nicholas Garrido








Ms. Keiran Lencheski & Mr. Thomas Wendland








Ms. Paresia Bialek & Mr. William Skopal








Ms. Ava McFarland & Mr. Colin Quintano








Ms. Annemarie Hohl & Mr. Gavin Gibb








Ms. Lucille Weed & Mr. Robert Deacon








Ms. Julia Cameron & Mr. Logan Castellano