Young Inventors’ Council (YIC) is a club where students are encouraged to openly discuss and share their ideas regarding items they would like to invent. Such inventions can range from those based in science, technology, mathematics, sports, and arts. Inventions can range from developing apps to simple products that help make life easier.

Occasionally, external speakers from the business world and industry will be brought in to share their practical experience with the council. These experts will provide guidance on how to bring inventions to market.

No previous experience or prerequisite is required to join the council. This is simply a venue for open dialogue regarding inventions and the inventing process. One of the key goals of the council is to freely exchange information to advance the innovation process. Through the council, students will gain connections to industry leaders.

Additional Information:

1. Meetings will be held once per month.
2. Time: 2:15pm- 3:00pm
3. Place: Room 11
4. No Fundraising activities required
5. President: Karina T. Agarwal