Self Defense is a class that’s multifaceted where students gain a whole wealth of knowledge about SHIELDING themselves in a variety of ways.  They learn to Arm their Body by protecting themselves with assertive Self-Defense tactics and moves.  Students Refresh their Mind with a strong outlook as they build positive mental strength; students learn verbal confrontation skills & Safety/Prevention strategies. Students build & Focus on their Total Wellness of mind, body, and soul.   Preventing dangerous situations starts with student CONFIDENCE  in their ability.  We have several lessons built in for confidence building as well as teaching the student to be consistently present—having a sense of their surroundings.  Through both psychological AND physiological exercises, students become prepared to conquer any of life’s most challenging  circumstances. The goal of this course is for students to shield their body from vulnerability by presenting the world with their confident, well-rounded, STRONGEST version of themselves.  Self Defense starts with YOU, your level of  prevention/awareness, your confidence in your ability and the attitude in which you approach each situation whether it be through Prevention of Engagement or engaging in Hands-On Tactical when dangerous situations are encountered.  The Bonuses for this class are that we will be additionally having several guest visitors come in to do a Self Defense demonstration from the US Military- Army Branch and Taekwondo Instructors as well!


Students are expected to come to class with a notebook/writing utensil daily.

Students should be in comfortable clothing so that they can move around & practice hands-on components easily and effectively.

Students need to fully participate with enthusiasm regularly to earn their FULL participation/effort points.


Grades are based on a TOTAL POINTS system.   Students earn points by Participating routinely with a positive attitude/will try/go get um’ mentality.  Students earn points from Quizzes, Discussions, Activities, small projects, and acting out scenarios with appropriate responses.




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