wissen vs kennen
and simple past of modal verbs
Hi all,
I created a google classroom, here is the code.


assignments will be on there. (duolingo)



week of 3/12-3/20

think of a country in Europe in which you would like to live

create a google slide-showing pictures of landscape, culture, sites, etc

compare the country with your home country

show me you know how to compare, use ,,dass” and other subordinating conjunctions

presenting on 3/20 worth 50 points


Test on 3/26 (comparative, superlatives, dass, countries in Europe)- 75 points


participation and respect grade in at the end of quarter (30 points)


week of 3/2/2020

Talking about countries in Europe and vacation days–where would you like to live?

Object clauses introduced by ,,dass”

pg 174 in book

creating original sentences

more object clauses



week of 2/24/2020

Tuesday: more practice with superlatives along with book and creating original sentences, quiz game to prepare for Thursday

Quiz Thursday with comparative adjectives and superlatives, soccer vocab


Week of 2/19/2020

comparing Notre Dame with the public school you would go to

The superlative pg 170- 172

duolingo homeowork must be completed by 2/21

quiz 2/27 on comparing adjectives and soccer vocab

test 3/10- on comparing adjectives, soccer vocab, werden, writing section


week of 2/11/2020

Soccer vocab and talking about soccer culture in Germany

comparative and superlative adjectives pg 167-170

Duolingo homework assignment on comparatives due 2/13

comparing any 2 lands, states, cities to one another- minimum 6 sentences





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