AP European History is a challenging course that is designed to be the equivalent of a college course in a high school setting.  Therefore it is open to well qualified juniors and seniors who have exhibited the necessary level of study skills to be successful in such a class.  The course is survey of European history from the 1300’s to the present. The class will study cultural, political, economic, military, and social history using the text and supplemental readings and presentations.  Solid reading and writing skills are absolutely necessary.  Much of the class will be seminar format, therefore discussion participation will be required and part of the class grade. Students should be prepared to do the additional hours of reading and studying in order to be successful.  Students who do the required work and participate in class will be prepared to take the Advanced Placement Exam in European History in May of the academic year.

ASSIGNMENTS AND WORK WILL BE ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM. To join, please use your school email and the code 1h4ns5y


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