Christmas Bliss Drawing Winners

  1. Kyla Griffith, Hellertown
  2. Salvatore Cucciuffo, Easton
  3. Nehme Nehme, Easton
  4. Susan Pavelko, Bethlehem
  5. Sara DiSabatino, Martins Creek
  6. Sandy Azzalina, Easton
  7. Don Engelhardt, Easton
  8. Gianna Lagomarsino, Easton
  9. Greg Macchia, Easton
  10. Marily Stasney, Northampton
  11. Pamela Kilmer, Bangor
  12. John Febbo, Easton
  13. Nancy Pijut, Easton
  14. Kiley King, Easton
  15. Georges Moussa, Easton
  16. Mary Pulcini, Martins Creek
  17. Ray McCarthy, Budd Lake
  18. Pamela Kilmer, Bangor
  19. Angela Wendland, Easton
  20. Susan Pavelko, Bethlehem
  21. Tara DeFranco, Nazareth
  22. Sherry Vanderbeck, Palmerton
  23. Jerry Crocamo, Bayonne
  24. Robert Spirk, Nazareth
  25. Katherine Harris, Sciota
  26. Loretta Hurd, Nazareth
  27. Steve Gagnon, Bethlehem
  28. Greg Macchia, Easton
  29. John Rutledge, Easton
  30. Jerry Crocamo, Bayonne
  31. Jill Spotz, Easton
  32. Jeff Shay, Easton
  33. Carla Durand, Bethlehem
  34. Ann Hogan, Easton
  35. Jen Cameron, Easton
  36. Jim Boburka, Bethlehem
  37. Mary Reilly, Easton
  38. Bob Dainauski, Allentown
  39. Sandy Azzalina, Easton
  40. Tiffany Vrabel, Easton
  41. Matt Defoe, Easton
  42. Joe Moussa, Easton

This ticket drawing was held on Tuesday, December 15th, 2020 at 9AM at the ND Finance Office.

Remaining Drawings

  • Winter Wonderland (12/16/20-2/2/21)
  • Luck of a Crusader (2/3/21-3/16/21)
  • Spring is in the Air (3/17/21-5/4/21)

The deadline to turn in tickets for each of the above drawings is the Monday prior to the end drawing date. The Main Office is open from 7:30 am – 3 pm to drop off or pick up any remaining tickets.

Questions? Please email Cindy Mackiewicz, Student Fundraising Coordinator, at

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay