Welcome to the Notre Dame Family! Every family registered at Notre Dame High School is required to open an account with the Facts Management Company, which is the tuition management platform entity within our Diocese. Returning students are already registered and are automatically re-enrolled into the new academic year. Freshman and transfer students must follow the steps in this letter in order to open an account and conform to that requirement. This letter guides you through that process.

If you have an existing account with Facts through another school, please click on the following link: https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/3NW4G and login as you normally would. The information you had previously provided should be populated. If you have a 2nd child attending, please add them to that same account. Make sure your banking information is current to facilitate automatic withdrawals.

If you are new to Facts, follow the same steps as in the previous paragraph; choose a login and a password to gain access. Once in, please provide your name and all relevant information (address, email, telephone numbers, etc.). Please make sure to provide your current banking information, routing and account numbers.

For all: after reviewing the given pertinent information, please choose a payment option: Option 1, designates payment in full, due by July 1st, which qualifies you for a 5% ‘tuition’ discount ($375 for 2016-2017); Option 2, allows you to make two equal payments, one on July and one in December; Option 3, allows you to make as many as 12 equal payments, withdrawn from your specified financial institution account, through automatic withdrawals. You may choose either the 5th or 20th as your payment date.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Finance Dept. at Notre Dame.