Notre Dame High School is proud to offer four-year programs in several different foreign languages in its curriculum; they are French, German, and Spanish. In addition, a two-year program in ELL (for English Language Learners) is offered to our International Students, in order that they may increase their proficiency and competency in the English language. All of our students are required to complete a minimum of two years in a foreign language, where they will acquire the basics in reading, writing, and speaking skills. They are then encouraged to continue on to our more advanced “honor courses,” which will better prepare them for the challenge of still more advanced language studies in college. Students are also taught the different cultures and customs of the subject countries. The students’ studies are augmented by the availability of a variety of enrichment experiences, through field trips, both locally and farther afield, and can include travel abroad. Several such trips are now being planned by members of our language department.