Courses Offered

(701) INTRO TO ART   .20 credit College Prep GRADE 10
This course will introduce students to various types of art medium, including an introduction to drawing with pencil, pen, colored pencil, and oil pastels. In painting, the students will explore color through painting with tempera paint and water colors. The course will also introduce the student to various artists of the twentieth century and help the student talk about works of art. The course will help the student think of creative solutions to various problems.

(702) ART 1   .5 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
This art course involves the students in art specific topics. In a topic such as folk art, students learn about folk art works and produce works in a similar fashion as folk artists. In other topics such as art and music, and art and math, students explore the relationships between the two areas. They produce work that uses the connecting elements and principles. Students work in traditional media and explore various other ways of making art. They use paper make, collage work, and 3D constructions. Art is produced with creative thinking as a starting point.

(703) ART 2   .5 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
This art course continues the skills and concepts begun in Art 1.

(726) DRAWING 1   .5 credit Honors GRADE 11-12
In this one semester course, the students will learn basic drawing and composition skills. They will use pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, pastel, pen, and ink. Still life, figure drawing, perspective and landscape will be among the topics that students will be given from which to work and learn.

(728) DRAWING 2   .5 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
A one semester course, Drawing 2 continues skills begun in Drawing 1. Students strive to increase their skills in using various media such as charcoal, pen, ink, and pastels. They will practice rendering objects realistically and dramatically.

(727) PAINTING 1   .5 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
In this one semester course, the students will learn the basic painting skills and techniques in the media of craypas, water color, acrylic, and/or oil. Students will work on using the elements of art as they design compositions and learn color theory.

(729) PAINTING 2   .5 credit Honors GRADE 11-12
Painting 2 continues skills begun in Painting 1. Students will increase their ability to use various media such as acrylics, watercolor, pastels, and oil sticks to create effective and dramatic compositions.

(680) GRAPHIC DESIGN   .5 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
This semester course is an introduction to computer graphics using the Adobe Photo Shop program. Students will learn and apply the tools introduced in this program. In this computer graphic environment, students will enhance their creative thinking while solving design problems.

(713) MUSIC THEORY 1   1 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
This course is designed to teach music from an analytical standpoint involving theory, practice and the structure of tonal music. The course will span from general to advanced application and strategy with the depth of information being strictly dictated by student ability and participation. This course has no previous educational requirements for admission and is by no means designed to discourage the student with little or no musical experience.

(714) MUSIC THEORY 2   1 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
This course is the second phase in an integral two-year music theory sequence. It continues the study of the harmonic, melodic, and contrapuntal practices of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries, with more repertoire analysis as well. The course will begin with a review of topics studied in Music Theory 1, and will continue with an examination of concepts leading to a solid understanding of diatonic modulation, secondary dominants, harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic dictation, and sight singing/applied aural skills. This course should be a priority for anyone planning on continuing the practice of music in any capacity after graduation. Prerequisite: Approval of instructor.

(740) Band   1 credit College Prep GRADES 9-12
Band is a performance based class for students interested in instrumental music. Students will develop skills and technical proficiency on their instruments while learning their important role within the musical ensemble. Throughout the school year, students will experience a wide variety of musical genres and styles in many different performance settings. Achievement will be demonstrated through evaluations, rehearsals and performances in solo, small and large ensemble settings. Attendance for outside performances is required.